A coral honeysuckle berry


Honeysuckle berry

Fruit of a LONICERA

Honeysuckle berry


Vienna, Austria

1950’s – 60’s

Irmgard Bures

Coral, nephrite, 585/1000 gold 14 k

32,7 x 28 mm

6,7 grams





This brooch features small, bright red berries, clustered along the plant stem. As these berries are made from precious coral, one could call this brooch a “coral honeysuckle”, but that’s actually a different, trumpet honeysuckle variety.

The depicted species is a shrub native to Austria, where the brooch was made, mid 20th century, by Irmgard Bures.

The Honeysuckle derives its name from the edible sweet nectar obtainable from its tubular flowers, sometimes twining in clusters of two (leading to the common name of “twinberry” for certain North American species). Honeysuckle berry is attractive to wildlife but mildly poisonous for people.

In the Language of flowers, honeysuckle represents being “united in love” and devotion because of the flowers huddling together.

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