Blue ‘Poppy’

1930's · Blue poppy · Brooch · Enamel · Natural pearls · Pendant · Poppy · Royal Horticultural Society · USA · Watch
blue poppy Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flowershow


Himalayan poppy or blue poppy

Brooch, with an extra hook for a chain or a watch.

Made in Jamestown NY, USA

Approximately 1934

Hallmark Charles E. Baldwin

Enamel, natural freshwater seed pearls,  585/1000 gold 14 ct.

28,4 mm

8,4 grams





Meconopsis  (from Greek Mekon = poppy, opsis = alike) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Papaveraceae.
Fall 1924, Tibet. The renowned plant explorer Frank Kingdon-Ward comes upon ‘a stream of blue poppies, dazzling as sapphires in the pale light’. His expedition is financed with sponsorships from horticulturists and shares in seeds. An early example of crowdfunding indeed.

On the banks of the Tsangpo River, he harvests the seeds, to be distributed to expert gardeners throughout Britain. Blooming in 1926, the precious blue treasure is proudly shown ‘to enraptured applause at the Royal Horticultural Society’s spring show. Among the public, there was near pandemonium’. As these perennials are so beautiful but demanding, they seem to be the dream and challenge of every gardener since. The 3rd photo shows the much-admired species in shades of blue and purple at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

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