A blue sweet violet


sweet violet



Sweet violet, wood violet


Austrian importmark


Unknown. As the Austrian mark is an importmark, it might be German lapidary from Idar Oberstein.

Dyed chalcedony, nephrite, old mine cut diamonds, platinum and 585/1000 gold 14 k

61,8 x 20 mm

9,8 grams





sweet violetThe sweet violet is an edible flower of ancient legend, with even medicinal properties. References to violets and the desirable nature of the fragrance go back to classical sources such as Pliny.

The typical scent of this flower has proved popular, particularly in the late Victorian period, and both the flowers and leaves have been used in the production of many fragrances and perfumes.
Fresh as well as crystallised flowers are used for garnishing and their distinct perfume adds an inimitable sweetness to syrups, desserts and candy.

According to the Language of flowers, the blue violet stands for watchfulness and faithfulness, telling nothing less than ‘I’ll always be true’.
More information about violets can be found on the website of the American Violet Society

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