Daisy earrings

Daisy earrings


Daisy, Marguarite


Made in Belgium

Approximately 1890


 750/1000 gold 18 ct, rose cut diamonds, silver setting, natural pearls

20,8 x 8,3 mm

3,23 grams



Daisies are the symbol of innocence in the Language of Flowers.

The daisy owes its name to a corruption of “day’s eye”, which refers the flower opening itself at dawn, and closing at dusk.
“The Legend of Good Women”, written by no less than Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of a.o. the famous Canterbury Tales is precluded by a laud on the modest meadow-bloom:

Of all the floures in the mede,

Than love I most these floures white and rede,
Soch that men callen daisies in our town;
To hem I have so great affection,
As I said erst, when comen is the May,
That in my bedde there daweth me no day
That I nam 1 up and walking in the mede,
To seene this flour ayenst the Sunne sprede,
Whan it up riseth early by the morrow.
That blissful sight softeneth all my sorrow,
So glad am I, whan that I have the presence
Of it, to done it all reverence,
And ever I love it, and ever ylike newe,
And ever shall, till that mine herte die

All swere I not, of this I will not lie.

The third foto is a detail from a 1960’s Herbarium specimen in the University of Wisconsin.

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