Daisy earrings

Daisy diamond earrings
Jean-Baptiste Greuze La Simplicite


Daisy, Marguerite


Made in Belgium

Approximately 1850


Total diamond weight ca. 2.5 crt; Mirror cit, or table-cut diamonds, 750/1000 pink gold 18 k

20,7 x 16,4 mm

6,32 grams






Daisies are well-known for their predictive ability, as shown in the third picture,
a detail from a painting in which a girl plays the timeless game of “Effeuiler la Marguerite”, or “He loves me… he loves me not”. This particular role illustrates the daisy’s connotation of innocence, naivety and the dawning prospect of love. The fact that the daisy owes its name to a corruption of “day’s eye”, which refers the flower opening itself at dawn, and closing at dusk, makes it the ultimate flower partake in such a sweet game.

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