Garrard Azalea




Clip brooch and earstuds




Old single cut diamonds, Burma rubies, 750/1000 gold 18 ct, platinum

Clip 40,3 x 49,5 mm Earstuds 17 x 22 mm

Clip 18 grams. Earstuds 6,7 grams




This bold Retro gold, Birma ruby and diamond clip brooch, represents an azalea. The colourful gemstones shine in a setting of 18 ct gold, and the diamonds reflect the light, set in platinum. 

During World War II, there was less excess to such precious materials. As you can see in this gorgeous set, Garrard did a great job, possibly reusing materials. Garrard was the Crown Jeweller of the United Kingdom, charged with the upkeep of the British Crown Jewels from 1843 to 2007. The company is still trading today from its headquarters in Mayfair, London.

A double clip is a safe and comfortable system to wear the azalea as a brooch; pinned onto a lapel or collar. Fastened on a chain, it could be the perfect pendant. The matching earrings are studs, for pierced ears.

Azaleas are shade tolerant flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron. Classical writers referred to them as Chamaerhododendron (low-growing rose tree). In addition to its beauty, the azalea is highly toxic.

In TheVictorian Language of Flowers, the azalea is the symbol of fragile and ephemeral passion. In Chinese culture, the azalea is the “thinking of home bush” (sixiang shu).

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