Horse chestnut 1880

19th century · Brooch · Conker Tree · French · Horse chestnut · Leaf · Old mine cut diamond · Rosecut diamonds · Victorian

AESCULUS hippocastanum

Horse chestnut or Conker tree

Brooch and ring

Made in France

Approximately 1880

Unknown maker, hallmarked with Tête d’aigle: French essay mark 18 ct gold and Bigornes

Old mine cut diamond 0.15 ct and rose-cut diamonds, 750/1000 gold

26,6 x 23,5 mm

9,4 grams in total


Diamond set 18 crt gold leaf from a Horse-chestnut or Conker tree, with 19th-century French hallmarks on the detachable brooch fitting. Gold 750/1000. Old mine cut and rose-cut diamonds. The screw fitting for the brooch is original and the extra 18 crt gold ring is contemporary.

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