Ivy Witch’s Heart

Ivy Witch's Heart



Brooch in the shape of a Witch’s Heart

Probably England

Approximately 1880


Enamel, 625/1000 gold 15 k, metal pin, old mine cut diamond

25 x 24,6 mm

4,55 grams

Good.  A tiny chip of the enamel glaze is missing




In the asymmetric “Witch’s Heart”, the heart points to one side. This romantic symbol means “you enchanted me”, “you cast a spell on me” or maybe even “I put a spell on you”.

Ivy is a climbing and creeping plant that covers and binds trees, buildings, actually everything within its reach. Because of this binding aspect of the plant, it has been a perfect symbol of faith and affection since ancient times.

The diamond in the middle is a symbol of eternal love and devotion. “Diamonds are forever” avant la lettre.

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