Precious Flora is a member of the trade association of art & antique dealers LAPADA.

LAPADA’s membership has grown to over 550 members making it the largest association of professional art and antique dealers in the United Kingdom. Although most of its membership is UK based, LAPADA also currently has 50 members in 16 other countries. Membership is only open to those who meet the Association’s requirements regarding experience, quality of stock and knowledge of their subject. Between them, members cover virtually every discipline from antiquities to contemporary fine art.

LAPADA was the first antiques trade association to introduce a Code of Practice, the purpose of which is to reassure the public and give them confidence when they purchase from a member. Also, all art and antique dealers must comply with consumer protection laws.

LAPADA is a member of CINOA, the international federation of 32 art and antiques dealers’ associations. Membership of CINOA is based on associations which bind their dealer members to adhere to reputable standards of quality, expertise and integrity. Link to the CINOA Ethical Code of Conduct.


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