Chrysanthemum 1890

mum for mom
mum for mom


Mum, chrysanth



Circa 1890


585/1000 gold 14 ct, enamel, diamond, natural pearl

52 x 13,4 mm

5,9 grams


The name “chrysanthemum” refers to the Ancient Greek: χρυσός chrysos (gold) and ἄνθεμον anthemion (flower). Depicted on this brooch is indeed a golden flower, 14-carat gold, to be precise, but the goldsmith covered it entirely with white enamel.
Most species of chrysanth or ‘mum’, the flower’s common name, originate from East Asia.
The chrysanth is, according to Confucius, one of the ‘Four Gentlemen‘ (the other ‘Noble Ones’ being the plum blossom, the orchid, and bamboo), each representing a season. When you think of chrysanths as autumn flowers, you are very right indeed.
In Asia, a white chrysanth also represents adversity and grief. In most western countries the flower represents truth and honesty. In the United States, last but not least, the flower is usually regarded as cheerful. A suitable bloom for any occasion.

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