Bouquet Siess

flowers to sprinkle






Circa 1910

Josef Siess

 Reverse intaglio, 585/1000 gold 14 ct

 25 mm

8,4 grams





This brooch is made using a specific technique, a so-called ‘reverse intaglio’. A reverse crystal intaglio is a cabochon cut natural crystal with an intaglio carved into the flat underside. This image is painted and mounted on an opaque background (usually mother of pearl).  Finally, the back is sealed with gold, to preserve it. When viewed through the front, the image appears three-dimensional, like a flower in a miniature display. The technique originates in Belgium c. 1860 and is attributed to an artist named Emile Marius Pradier. This technique gained popularity mainly in England and Austria. More information about this technique can be found at Lang.

Maker’s mark ‘SJS’ for JOSEF SIESS SOHNE (1895-1922). Josef Siess was a well known and well connected Austrian jeweller who worked in Vienna. He made his own designs but also manufactured jewellery designed by Josef Maria Olbrich as well as a brooch with a miniature painting by Gustav Klimt.

The brooch comes with the original box.


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